Free Site Promotion Strategies – 2 Low-Cost Internet Marketing Strategies For Insane Profits

There are endless possibilities of the ways in which you can advertise your business. And sometimes, one doesn’t have to spend so much money just to get a decent exposure. There are methods to expose and make your presence known to the public without over killing your expenses. Make use of low cost internet marketing to increase your online power and presence. Here are two simple strategies to boost your businesses’ visibility beyond your advertising budget.

1. Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Affiliates are businesses that focus primarily on advertising and product selling for websites. They promote your product and generate web traffic into your website. They usually work for commission and will only profit when they do their job. The great thing about affiliates is that they already have a ready emailing list that contains contact details of your niche market that are loyal to them; so by paying them, you are also buying into their goodwill and connection.

2. Newsletters Strategy

It is one thing to make a sale once, but a repeated sale is another thing. To ensure that your customers know where to find you, make sure that you get their contact details so that you can keep them updated. Keep sending the newsletters regularly but keep it short. Do not send them novel-long sales pitch; in fact do not mail them any sales pitch at all, it’s irritating. Just let them know that your website exists. No spamming though, this can get your account frozen without warning.

With these simple free internet marketing strategy, one can achieve their desired results given some time. Give them a try and reap the rewards. And if it of doesn’t work – no worries – it’s free.

Internet Marketing for Beginners – Strategies and Tips for Successful Internet Marketing

With the many opportunities that internet marketing is proving, there are many people who would like to become one of the internet marketers. Though these potential internet marketers have their own plans to achieve in their online marketing venture, most people don’t understand some basic processes and the steps involved in internet marketing. That is why they need to read and learn more about the internet marketing tips that will strengthen their online marketing strategies to have a successful internet marketing journey.

One of the things that you should know as a newbie in online marketing is the importance of web development. Of course not all of you know how to develop a website. Yet, you have to make sure that your website will have the right processes needed in your online marketing campaigns. You have to know the web pages and whether it contains simple or complex internet applications.

The second thing is the design of your website. It is attuned to the niche that you are promoting so that you can hold the attention of your target market or niche market in your marketing campaigns. With this, you have to consider the graphics, colors, and visual effects of your site to further get the attention of your potential clients who are visiting your site. Furthermore, consider also the layout, the experience of the user and its contents to entice your niche market.

After all these, you have to make your website known in the online marketing industry. In this way, you can start honing and attracting potential clients to visit your site and buy the products and services that you are promoting. That is why Search Engine Optimization is very important. With the right keywords that you are embedding in the codes of your website, search engines will optimize it giving a higher rank to your site. The result of this is your site will be indicated in the first page of the search results when someone will search your niche. This will make your online business and site easier to locate.

Moreover, you can also use Pay-per-Click or PPC. This is a paid search that is more effective in targeting your marketing strategy. The concept of this is when interested clients click your ad usually indicated in the right side of search engines you have to pay for every click generated. This will drive your interested clients to your site generating traffic and will give you greater chances of earning a huge sale.

You can also do your online marketing campaigns through the social networking sites. With the many people using these social networking sites every day, you can entice them to visit your site and search for valuable information in your niche. Some of these social networking sites are Facebook and Twitter.

These internet marketing tips and strategies will not only give you the possibility of earning a huge sale. It will also give you the chance to be one of the marketing gurus online whom other online marketers will depend on in the future. This is your way to have successful internet marketing.

Home Based Business Opportunities – You Will Only Fail If You Quit

Becoming successful in the home based business industry will depend on how long you stay in the game before you decide to pack it in. Really think about that for a minute. Most who have packed it in before quit because they believed that success with a particular opportunity or the industry in general was “Not For Them”. This is just a very poor excuse or limiting belief.Most of the people who get involved in this industry are employees who are used to getting paid for their time with a steady pay check weekly or bi-weekly. In order for success to come to you, you will have to live in the ‘unknown’. Better yet, you will have to learn how to trust in the unknown.The problem with most people who quit is that the pain of waiting and not knowing when success was going to come greatly out weighed their desire. If your desire is strong enough in the first place, it will keep you focused long enough until success comes knocking on your door. It takes a lot of strength in order to become an entrepreneur. There is so much that you will have to learn and go through. Here are is a list of things that you will have to overcome in order to stay focused and not quit:1. Lose the Guilt:In order to build a business, you will have to spend time away from other activities and even family. This doesn’t mean to neglect your family. This means to schedule time for your business everyday. Most people that are building a home based business have full time jobs that are already taking time away from their family. You will have to stay focused on your goals long enough to start seeing results. Don’t feel guilty because in the end, your family will gain from your success. If you build your business for them more than for you, things will start to happen.2. Patience:Anything great does not happen overnight. Your success will take some time. Keep focused and remain patient. It will happen if you do one thing. “Don’t quit”.3. Consistency:Spend time everyday on income producing activities. What ever you do that actually moves you forward towards your goals like building traffic and leads, do more. What ever doesn’t make you money like checking your emails or playing FarmVille, do less.Not everyone can have success in this industry. However, everyone who holds their course will arrive at their destination. You will become successful if you do not quit.

The Key To Earning A Full Time Income With A Home Based Business

This may surprise you, but the key to earning a full time income with a home based business is you. You are the key to your success (or failure) in this industry. In this article I’m going to explain to you what this means and how it has led up to my success in the home business industry.When I first started in this industry, I was like the other 98% of people that fail. I was looking to make money the fastest way possible, without willing to do any work. This may not be you, but the majority of people in this industry just go from opportunity to opportunity looking for some magic button that’s going to make them successful and earn them tons of money.I spent over seven thousands dollars (you read that right) my first year in the home based business industry jumping from one opportunity to the next. I would try something out for a week or two and if I didn’t start making money, I would blame the opportunity or program and quit. Once I realized what I’m sharing with you here today, only then did I start to see success in this industry.I wasn’t failing because the programs I was in sucked. I was failing because I lacked the desire and willingness to put forth the effort necessary to succeed. That’s the key to earning a full time income with any home based business. Whether or not you have a genuine desire to become financially free and how hard you are willing to work to get it.There are plenty of good, legitimate opportunities on there, but you will not be successful with any of them unless you are willing to put forth the time and effort necessary. I found the right opportunity for me, and I went into it with the attitude that I was going to do whatever it took to be successful. I was going to be patient and never give up.I have been working from home ever since. 10% of earning a full time income with a home based business is finding the right opportunity. The other 90% is whether or not you have the desire to be successful and the willingness to take consistent action towards your success.

Starting a Home Based Business – 7 Good Reasons

Having my own home business has made me reflect on what the benefits are of starting a home based business. Depending on what you decide to do from home your situation could be different but these are seven reasons I started a home based business.

Residual income. I realized that working for someone else is limiting. Firstly you are limited by the value they put on you and secondly by the number of hours in the day. At the end of any working day that is it – you will not get paid again for that day’s work. Elvis has been dead for years and is still one of the top earners in the world! Go figure.

Commuting. Have you ever worked out how many hours you spend getting to and from work? Or how many hours you spend in a vehicle driving to go and see customers or client? With a home based business you can spend that time with your family or going for a walk.

Reducing Costs. The obvious cost cutter is the commuting one. No more being held to ransom by the oil producing countries! Work out what you would save if you did not have to commute every day. There are even more financial benefits in terms of tax deductible expenses. These vary from country to country and you will need to check with your accountant. I claim a portion of my mortgage repayment, all my phone bills, my computer and stationery costs and a portion of my power bill.

Lifestyle. Working from home allows me to plan my day/week/month/year around the things I want to do. I take my holidays and weekends off when we want to and not when the boss says I have to. This includes playing golf on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Time with my children when they were small. I have always been home when my children wake up and when they come home for school. Driving them to school every morning and picking them up in the afternoons has been invaluable to me.

Security. This is a tough one for people to understand because we have been brought up to believe that having a JOB means security. Nothing can be further from the truth. What happens in a recession? You lose your job. That’s what happens. Whereas I tend to make more money because I can benefit from a recession.

Retirement Income. I do not need to rely on the government’s handout or the performance of fund managers to secure my retirement. If you live in the USA will your 401K sustain you? A million dollars now is a lot less than it was 20 years ago.
Since starting a home based business I have come to realize that the benefits are far greater than I initially thought.Starting a home based business wasn’t just a walk in the park – nothing worth doing ever is. But with perseverance and application things got easier and easier as I began to understand and appreciate what I was doing.You now have 7 good reasons for starting a home based business – what are you waiting for?

Home Based Business – Advantages

Home based businesses are here to stay. An increasing number of men and women are opting to stay home and work. Many European countries have long since been practicing the work from home approach to cut down on travel time and office space; sharing of desk space in a shift rotation is also part of the new work culture. What about running your own home based business? Statistics indicate that there are millions of people working out of their homes and the numbers are growing.There are many distinct advantages to be had from running a home based business and this article covers the more salient points.One of the major advantages in working from home is the personal freedom you get. You can control your life and have the flexibility to work when you want. There is no boss to lord it over you and you get to spend time with family and friends whenever you need to. Technology has cooperated to make working from home a breeze.Don’t let too much freedom get to you, be organized and self disciplined and teach yourself time management to make a success of your home based business.Financially you stand to benefit from working at home by saving on commuting time, gasoline and other car expenses. You also save quite a bit on food expenses, because more often than not we are too rushed to brown bag it to work. Staying home means you can have your meals at home and not have to pay for sandwiches that taste like cardboard and cost the earth! You will also make major savings on your wardrobe because you are no longer pressured into buying expensive clothes to keep up work appearances. You can wear your jeans to work everyday when you have your own home based business! Other savings include rental, utilities and other office expenses that you would have to pay for if you set up your business outside your home.There are many tax advantages to be had when you work out of your home. The law allows you to deduct operating costs and depreciation expenses on your home which includes a percentage of your rent or mortgage payment, depreciation, property taxes, insurance, household maintenance expenses and utilities, repairs and home improvement expenses. Deduction on vehicle expenses used for business purposes for gasoline, depreciation, insurance and other costs is also permissible.It is recommended that you consult with a professional accountant on these matters to follow the letter of the law.

The Benefits Of A Custom Web Design For Small Business

It is imperative that every small business in this day and age has a website. It is not only a web address for your business, if cleverly designed and properly managed, it is your 24/7 marketing department and sales department put together under one umbrella. Lets not go jumping straight into it however, lets go over a few points about small business web design and the benefits of choosing a custom website over a template based website design.

Custom website design is one of the favorite options for website designing. The reason why custom web site design is so popular these days with small businesses is; well there are several actually. One significant reason is that custom web site design allows you to choose not only the aesthetics aspects of the template but also the functionality of the website. Template of the website lets you determine the layout, color schemes and other visual aspects, whereas the functionality of the site deals with the user interface that determines how easy or difficult it is going to be for letting the customers to reach call to action. A website that is part of a larger corporate identity will require everything to be in sync with the greater picture and one which appears distinctly to be a part of the larger scheme of things.

There are several open source content management software that makes website building a breeze, however they are not 100% unique and the same template and layout is used by hundreds and depending upon the popularity of the theme, thousands of other websites. Web design companies that specialize which specialize in custom website design rather than template based web design allow you the choice and the freedom to design your own website and reduce the risk of your website looking much the same as someone else. This type of small business website design company will allow you to input designing suggestions which will be incorporate into the design. Usually, there are several amendments that are allowed until the perfect design is achieved.

Another benefit of a custom website for small business owners is the ability to select a flow of the website which is unique to your business needs. Ready made CMS based websites often does not allow the luxury to create a flow that is ideally suitable for your business needs. You will need design services such as that only a custom web designer can do to create that flow for you.

A custom website design for your small business enables you to set your standards separate from the competition and allows you to stand apart from the clutter. An industry where the websites are all designed in a clichéd manner would love a fresh perspective to content presentation. Small businesses now put a lot of effort on SEO tactics and a custom website allows the opportunity to tweak the SEO tactics which a ready made CMS system does not allow or need considerable effort to have.

Be sure to take a look around before you decide on a web design company and make sure that the web design company that you do choose provides high quality, custom web design and is able to meet all of the needs and requirements of your small business.

Natural Supplements to Grow Taller Review – Herbal Facts and Marketer’s Claims Review

Why do many consumers take dietary supplements to grow taller? The reasons are varied-many times medically valid, sometimes not. In low or appropriate dosages, some supplements offer health benefits under some circumstances. Some people use supplements with good intention: perhaps in search of protection from or a remedy for health problems such as depression, aging skin, cancer, or arthritis. Still others seek added benefits: perhaps better athletic performance or sexual prowess. Too often, supplement use is based on scientifically unfounded marketing promises. But, some people still claim to undeniable scientific proofs.

It would be great, but boosting your nutrient intake won’t cause your cells to produce extra energy or more brain power. Only three nutrients carbohydrates, fats, and proteins supply energy or calories to grow taller. Vitamins don’t. Although B vitamins do help body cells produce energy from the three energy nutrients, they don’t produce energy themselves. Many powerful drugs and toxic chemicals are plant-based. Varieties of mushrooms can be classified as “culinary delicious” or “deadly dangerous.” In the same vein, herbal supplements should be used with caution! Any healthy natural supplements to grow taller, without proper doctor acknowledgement and governement authority approbation sounds really fishy to me.

Athletes and other physically active people need about the same amount of nutrients as others do to grow taller just more energy, or calories, for the increased demands of exercise. The extra amount of food that active people eat supplies the very small amount of extra vitamins needed to grow taller and have more energy production, too.

Although protein needs are somewhat higher for some athletes, especially for those in strength-training sports, food can easily provide the extra. On another note, physical activity, not extra amino acids (protein), builds muscle. For more on nutrition for athletes and ergogenic aids.

Dietary supplements to grow taller won’t protect you from the harmful effects of smoking or alcohol abuse. Here’s the real scoop: Smoking does increase the body’s need for vitamin C; drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages can interfere with the body’s use of most nutrients. If soil can grow crops, the food produced is nutritious. When soil lacks minerals, plants don’t grow properly and may not produce their potential yield. Growing area does affect a food’s iodine and selenium contents.

Supplements won’t give you instant grow taller results, it would take at least a 2-3 months training for instance. For vitamins and minerals to do their work, they need several hours or several days to interact and do their work in your body. For any benefits from other dietary supplements to grow taller, you likely need to take them even longer. Supplements to grow taller are easy to spot. By law, they must be labeled “dietary supplements.” About eighty thousand dietary supplements are marketed in the United States with multivitamin/mineral supplements being the biggest product category-and with an average of 500 new products launched each year. They’re sold in many forms-for example, tablets, capsules, softgels, gelcaps, liquids, powders, and bars.

Do you consume a varied, balanced diet to grow taller? With some exceptions, supplements usually aren’t necessary. If you’re healthy and if you’re able and willing to eat a balanced, varied diet. You probably can get the vitamins and minerals you need from smart food choices. According to national studies, most Americans have enough healthful foods available to do that, yet they may not. Under some circumstances, vitamin/mineral supplements offer benefits and are advised; like those for growing taller.

A woman with heavy menstrual bleeding? You may need an iron supplement to replace iron from blood loss. To enhance absorption, take iron supplements with water or juice on an empty stomach. If nausea or constipation are problems, take iron supplements with food. Absorption may be decreased by as much as 50 percent when taken with a meal or a snack. A woman who’s pregnant or breast-feeding? You need more of some nutrients, especially folate and iron-and perhaps calcium if you don’t consume enough calcium-rich foods. Check the label’s Supplement Facts to make sure you get enough for a healthy pregnancy. Ask about a prenatal vitamin/mineral supplement.

Someone unable or unwilling to regularly consume a healthful diet to grow taller? You likely need a dietary supplement to fill in the nutrient gaps. However, eating smarter would be better if you don’t have food-related health problems! Take a supplement with the advice of a doctor or a registered dietitian. For example, pre-menopausal women who don’t consume enough calcium to grow taller and stronger bones from food likely need a calcium supplement-unless they’re willing to improve their diet. Some babies after age six months, children, and teens may need a fluoride supplement to grow taller and perhaps iron or vitamin D.

If you are not able to meet your calcium and vitamin D recommendations with foods to grow taller, you may need calcium or vitamin D supplements to grow taller. Ask a dietitian or your doctor about the right dosage and type. And enhance their absorption by taking them with food. Only food can provide the mixture of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and other substances for a health quality that can’t be duplicated with dietary supplements to grow taller alone. Fortunately for most Americans growing taller, there’s plenty of quality, quantity, and variety in the food marketplace.

Enjoy plenty of calcium and vitamin D-rich foods. They provide more for bone health calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and overall health than supplements do. And a varied, well-balanced eating plan offers other nutrients that appear to promote bone density, including magnesium, potassium, and vitamin K

Supplements to grow taller carry labeling, showing the amounts of vitamins and minerals in a single dosage. If you already eat a healthful diet, you probably don’t need any more than a low-dose supplement. Taking a multivitamin/mineral supplement, with no more than 100 percent of the Daily Values (DVs) as a safety net, is generally considered safe. Most nutrient supplements are produced in low dosages.

Supplements with water-soluble vitamins or minerals can be risky if taken in excess, over time. For example, taking extra vitamin B6 has been suggested to help relieve premenstrual tension. Yet there’s limited evidence to support large vitamin B6 doses for relief of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Many women have viewed large vitamin B6 doses as harmless, since they are water-soluble. Instead, they may cause irreversible nerve damage when taken in very large doses above the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL): 500 to 5,000 mg vitamin B6 per day.

That said, can you overdose on vitamins or minerals naturally as you grow taller with food? That’s highly unlikely. As we mentioned, taking very high doses of dietary supplements or taking too many, too often can be dangerous. The vitamin and mineral content of food is much more balanced fortunately. In amounts normally consumed, even if you enjoy extra helpings, you won’t consume toxic levels of nutrients. So eat a variety of foods-and enjoy! Note: Nutrient amounts to grow taller can add up if you consume a lot of highly fortified foods.

You may take dietary supplements to grow taller for potential health benefits. It’s not uncommon for people diagnosed with cancer, AIDS, or other life-threatening health problems, who are desperate for a cure, to put their hopes and healthcare dollars in alternative treatments, including dietary supplements. However, supplements may offer a false sense of security-and a serious problem if you neglect well-proven approaches to health or delay medical attention.

Drink plenty of fluids with calcium supplements to avoid constipation. The lactose and vitamin D in the milk help to enhance calcium absorption. If you don’t drink milk and want an alternative to calcium pills, consider calcium-fortified juice or soy beverage. One cup of calcium-fortified juice or soy beverage can contain about 300 milligrams of calcium, the same amount as in a cup of milk, and provides vitamin C, folate, and other nutrients. Still, you need a vitamin D source to aid absorption; some calcium-fortified juices and soy beverages are also fortified with vitamin D.

Calcium supplements help to protect against osteoporosis (brittle-bone disease) It can’t make up for your lifestyle choices or poor health habits. Regular weight-bearing physical activity is important to grow taller and obtain healthy bones. For healthy bones, avoid smoking, too.

Vitamin nasal sprays or patches are effective to grow taller? No research evidence says so, even though they’re promoted for faster, more efficient absorption. In fact, they may not be absorbed at all. Here’s the reality check: Fat-soluble vitamins need fat from food to aid absorption. Vitamin C in your intestine aids iron absorption-a problem if vitamin C comes from a spray. Vitamin B12 binds with intrinsic factor made in the stomach during digestion. That cannot happen with a spray or a patch! So that means all the place that try to claim that you could grow taller with that are just scam.

Indeed, herbals and other botanicals have known medicinal qualities helping us grow taller; 30 percent of today’s drugs come from plants. Yet, herbals and other botanical supplements also are sold as dietary supplements rather than regulated as drugs. Like many plant-derived pharmaceuticals, these supplements can offer both positive health benefits and harmful side effects.

On the up side, enough scientific evidence has been collected on a handful of botanical supplements to support their limited use. For example, under a doctor’s guidance, gingko biloba may be used to help treat the symptoms of age-related memory loss and dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease); green tea extract may help reduce cancer risk. A growing body of research evidence is being gathered about their safety and effectiveness, as well as their limitations and dangers.

On the down side, like other supplements to grow taller, herbal and other botanical supplements are regulated differently from pharmaceuticals, which are meant to cure or prevent disease. You aren’t as protected from misleading claims as you might think. When you think about the quality and effectiveness of these grow taller methods; you can see that the marketer’s are absolutely in control of the quality…

According to current law and regulations, herbal and botanical remedies to grow taller and other dietary supplements to grow taller can enter the marketplace without FDA approval. The burden is on the FDA to remove a dangerous dietary supplements to grow taller from the marketplace. Currently dosages of herbal remedies aren’t standardized, so dosages vary among products. Some are even copies of the actual real-product that is made by legitimate herbal company; they put the same product name change what is inside and put the same label. Be very careful, you can look up grow taller 4 smarts free scam alerts to be ahead of scammers.

Although packaging claims can’t say that a supplement to grow taller cures or prevents disease, it may carry claims for its purported health role. Many claims have only limited scientific evidence. Are herbal supplements or botanicals are safe during pregnancy and nursing? There’s not enough scientific evidence yet to recommend safe levels for herbal supplements for pregnant or nursing moms. However, some are known to be harmful to a baby.

How to Detect Drug Abusing Teenagers

The effects of substance abuse in teens are not only individual; they can also be seen on the society. They may face problems at school or college and may involve in criminal activities. It is therefore very important to detect drug abusing teenagers. Drug testing should be conducted on a regular basis at schools and homes to identify and save them from harmful drugs of abuse.

Signs of drug abuse
Identifying certain signs helps you to detect if the kid is addicted to the drugs. Some of the common physical and emotional signs are:

• Change in sleep patterns
• Poor motor coordination
• Poor hygiene and illness including nausea and excessive sweating
• Irregular heartbeat
• Impaired thinking
• Mood swings
• Hyperactivity or overtired
• Depression

Drug abusing teens lose their interest in family activities, often abuse verbally and physically at home or school, and disrespect the family or school. In addition, abrupt decrease in grades, memory and attention loss, and lack of interest and concentration on studies are some of the signs at school. The moment you observe any of the above mentioned signs, you need to immediately check if the kid is abusing drugs. Drug testing is one of the safest and easiest ways to detect the drug abuse among teens.

Types of drug tests
There are different types of methods to detect the teens who are using drugs. Some of the common ones are urine, saliva, hair, and blood tests.

Urine drug test
Of all the types, urine testing is used most commonly as it is inexpensive method used to detect a drug user. You can use urine test kits at home or school to check if the child is addicted to illegal drugs. Quick and accurate results are obtained by these test kits.

Saliva drug test
It is more advantageous as it is relatively non-intrusive. Saliva from the mouth is taken through a swab and is checked for the presence of drugs. Most recent drug abuse can be detected by saliva tests. Conducting saliva test is very easy and also provides accurate and immediate results.

Hair drug test
This method is also non-intrusive. A hair sample of 1.5 inches in length is enough for conducting the test. Drug or its metabolites deposited at the hair shaft are detected by hair tests. You can get very reliable and accurate results by this method.

Blood drug test
You can also use a blood sample of the teen to detect illegal drug usage. It is however expensive and you need to approach laboratory as you cannot conduct it at your home.

Detection periods
The detection period depends on the method of test conducted. These detection periods vary from the type, dosage, and frequency of drug used.

Urine drug test can detect drug or its metabolites for 30 days in frequent users and for 2-3 days in occasional users. The test detects Cocaine for 4-5 days, Heroin for 2-4 days, Methamphetamine for 3-5 days, PCP for 3-7 days, and Codeine for 2-4 days.

A saliva test is mostly used to detect recent drug usage. However, it can also detect drugs consumed 3 days back. Of all the methods, hair drug test has a longer detection period. It detects illegal drug consumption for about 90 days.

What if results are positive?
Once the kid is tested positive by drug test kit, talk to him/her about the result. You can get a confirmatory result through laboratory tests. Communicate with him regularly regarding the effects of drug abuse. Ask him to leave companions or friends who are habituated to drugs. If necessary, send him/her to substance abuse treatment program.

Importance of intervention
Detection and intervention of drug abuse at primitive stages can prevent further damage. Drug intervention is an attempt made by family members or school authorities to help the teen get out of drug abuse or addiction. The main objective of intervention is to make the teen understand the physical and mental destruction caused by drug abuse. If you are not able to speak to the kid on this, you can take help of your friends or relatives. You can also consult specialists who counsel drug abusers and help them get back to their normal life.

Parents and school authorities should always keep an eye on the behavior and activities of the teens. Necessary measures have to be taken in order to prevent them from taking drugs.

Prevent Teen Drug Abuse Using Drug Testing Kits at Home

Teen drug abuse became a serious health problem in United States. It is hurting the healthcare system, burdening the economy, and causing millions of deaths every year. Of the many causes that promote drug abuse among teens, lack of parental supervision is a major one. Teens should be guarded properly by their parents as they are still immature.

Since, early intervention leads to effective prevention of this unhealthy habit, parents should identify drug abusing habits in teens and take preventive measures. Parents can take help of home drug testing kits which are effective and easy to use.

In this article, we will discuss about teens and their vulnerability to drug abuse; how to identify teen drug abuse and how important are drug testing programs at home to prevent teen drug abuse.

Teens – vulnerable to drugs abuse: Many scientific studies have already proved that teenagers are more prone to risk taking and are vulnerable to drug abuse when compared to adults. This typical behavior of teens during adolescence is because of the major changes in parts of the brain that are responsible for functions such as self-control, judgment, planning, organization, and emotions. Since teen brains are not yet fully developed, they cannot take proper decisions and fall victims to unhealthy habits like drug and alcohol abuse.

Signs and symptoms of drug abuse: The primary step towards prevention of drug abuse in teens is to identify their unhealthy habits. Prominent changes, both in their behavior and in physical appearance can be noticed even at the early stages of abuse. Following are the warning signs:

Physical and emotional changes:
• Red eyes
• Finding difficulty to speak
• Sudden fall or rise in weight
• Lack of hygiene and showing less interest in personal grooming
• Aggression and arrogance
• Depression and irritation

Social and behavioral changes:
• Dissociation from old friends and acquiring new social group
• Sudden anger or depression
• Poor attendance and academics at school
• Spending time lonely
• Abnormal odor in breath or clothing
• Pipes, needles and other suspicious substances in their room

Importance of home drug test kits: The moment you see the signs that indicate drug abuse in your teen, it is the time to confirm drug abusing habits using reliable methods. They are useful devices for the parents to confirm these unhealthy habits in teens. They are simple, easy to use, provide instant and accurate results, cost-effective and above all ensure privacy. Some multi-panel drug testing kits can detect multiple drugs of abuse at a shot.

Best drug test methods to implement: When it comes to home drug testing, urine and saliva tests are considered to be the best methods. There are two other methods – blood and hair tests also, but they need special devices and expert supervision, hence are not recommended for home testing.

Urine test can detect the drugs in your teen’s system up to three days after use. If you believe that your teen has taken drugs during the last few days, then this method is effective in offering accurate results. However, it is necessary to check that your teen is not providing fake urine sample which can lead to false results.

Saliva drug testing is an ideal drug test if you suspect that your teen abused drugs on that particular day. These kits can detect drug use up to 48 hours.

Need for random drug testing: If you are conducting drug tests on your teens at regular intervals, following a regular pattern, your teen may notice the pattern and either try to manipulate the sample before the test or stop abusing drugs few days before the test. Hence, practicing random drug tests is always an ideal way to identify the drug use which effectively helps in detecting the drug abuse among your teens. Random testing makes teens say ‘NO’ to drugs as they know that you can conduct drug testing any time at home.

Home drug testing kits can be considered as effective solutions in controlling and preventing drug abuse in your teens. So, make sure that you have some of them at home to test your teen to help him stay away from drugs.